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As of now, we offer a wide variety of gasketing, edge protection and co-extruded seals.

The use of edge protectors reduces the need for rework on sheet metal parts. The encased edges look more attractive, pose no risk of injury, and are protected against damage.

Edge Sealing Profiles provide a combination of edge protector and sealing profiles. The sealing profile is made from foam rubber.

All FATH profiles are available with different metal clamping bands, and can be ordered in different shapes and colors, also with butyl sealant and lubricant varnish.Many of our products are UL listed and they are very cost efficient as well.

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  • FATH is effective: individual, professional, dynamic and responsible are not foreign concepts to us.
  • FATH has a human touch | is close to you: that is how we are. And how we will stay. Our customers and employees are able to count on us being  fair, interested, down-to-earth and likeable.
  • FATH is full of ideas: we distinguish ourselves by our self confidence, our courage to take the initiative and to be cosmopolitan.
    • IAS (International Automation Show)

      On the IAS: FATH as a manufacturer and supplier in China

      26.11.2013 NL “For the first time FATH presented itself at the venue IAS (International Automation Show) in Shanghai, China as a Developer and Manufacturer for components in the Machine building Industry. The largest international tradeshow for automation technology was the ideal venue to show the capabilities of...

    • FATH Russia

      FATH is expanding, in the East and in the West

      29.05.2013 DE We are proud to announce that not one, but even two new FATH offices have opened up in the last two months.

      In the Netherlands, we have founded the FATH Components BV in Venlo, together with the well-renowned Transmotech Group. Up to now, we were already well represented in the Netherlands by the...

    • Girls Day

      Girls’ Day at FATH

      13.03.2013 DE Thursday, 25. April 2013, is Girls’ Day once again!

      A day especially for girls, where you can learn about new jobs, or test yourself and your expertise. All girls from fifth grade upwards can participate!

      As every year, you leave school on Girls‘ Day and you can have an in-depth look into the job...